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Cadenhead Laphroaig 19

Cadenhead Laphgroaig 19
Meeting Number 185
Date Tasted 2018-05-30
Region Islay
Distillery Laphroaig
Where Open Map
Product Cadenhead aphroaig 19 
Alcohol 54% ABV
Aggregate Score 86
A light pale green tea color, almost like pale honey infused with lime juice.
A soft gentle nose infused with peat smoke, vanilla, cream, oil, tobacco and lime juice.
Sweet spicy and oily with hints of cream, oil, treacle, honey, pepper, menthol, barbecued corn on the cob.
Long and smooth.  Includes salt, spices, sweet cream, and creosote.
A very pleasant and interesting dram.  Not as complex as originally anticipated.  A slight majority agrees that it's a better dram than the plain of Laphroaig 10.