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Laphroaig Brodir

Laphroaig Brodir
Meeting Number 191
Date Tasted 2019-02-19
Region Islay
Distillery Laphroaig
Where Open Map
Product Laphroaig Brodir 
Alcohol 48% ABV
Aggregate Score 88
Oloroso, burnished bronze, mahogany with placemat stripes, dark honey, Royal English Breakfast Tea.
Mild nose with subtle hints of sherry, smoke, PQL salt, cinnamon, treacle, pine, and some fumes.
Smooth smokiness, peat, sweet wood, PQL salt, boysenberry, cream, citrus, pepper, lint and dust.
Long finish with cream, and salt (not just PQL salt), caramel, burnt orange, earth (loam), dust, and sawdust.
A very nice pleasant dram that much milder than is typical from Laphroaig.  Some say better with added water!  It was a little underwhelming, but nice nonetheless.