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Ardbeg Perpetuum

Ardbeg Perpetuum
Meeting Number 162
Date Tasted 2016-02-22
Region Islay
Distillery Ardbeg
Where Open Map
Product Ardbeg Whiskies
Alcohol 47.4% ABV
Aggregate Score 86
Pale straw, weak Norwegian tea, pale yellow with a hint of diluted teal.
The first whiff contains the anticipated Ardegian signature of iodine, seaweed, peat, smoke, and creosote.  Perpetuum goes a step further with hints of brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla, cream, root beer, and Coca Cola.
Again, typical Ardbegian flavors are noticeable -- seaweed, creosote, peat and smoke -- which combine well with additional interesting hints of soap, oil, salt, honey, and some indistinguishable sea floor flavor.
Perpetuum has both medium and long components to the finish.  On the medium side there's butter, vanilla, and chocolate.  On the long side there's salt and smoke.
An interesting combination of young and old single malts crafter together into moderately bold dram.  It's sweeter than most Islays.