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Highland Park 30

Highland Park 30
Meeting Number 150
Date Tasted 2014-12-02
Region Highland
Distillery Highland Park
Where Open Map
Product Highland Park 30
Alcohol 45% ABV
Aggregate Score 95
This mature single malt is dark amber, has a rich texture like mahogany, and has an inner glow like iridescent copper.
The nose is a rich, sweet creamy combination of citrus, chocolate, smoke, and maple syrup.  It contains subtle expressions of oak, spice, vanilla, and caramel.
This dram has a viscous sweet creamy flavor that hits the entire palate with variety of subtle flavors including salt, nuts, spices, coffee, vanilla, honey, chocolate, and toffee.
The finish is very long and is a chewy extension of the sweet creamy complex flavor and nose.
Simply one of the truly great single malts.  It's distinctive, exceptional, and makes for a great celebratory dram.