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Balblair 91

Balblair 91
Meeting Number 156
Date Tasted 2015-06-29
Region Highland
Distillery Balblair
Where Open Map
Product Balblair 91
Alcohol 43% ABV
Aggregate Score 84
To THOR's chagrin, Balblair 91 is most succinctly describe as being a pale or light golden color resembling Jose Cuervo, metal sunflower, cheap apple juice, or siphoned turkey fat.
A unique combination of flavors, led by vanilla, caress the nose.  Other floral highlights are apparent and are mixed with lime, pine, salt, and fresh hops.
Salt leads the parade of flavors also featuring grass, flowers, oil, cream, sherry, bananas, nuts, and grapes.
Short to medium finish is dominated by salt and includes cream, honey, and citrus.
A smooth and pleasant but forgettable dram.  It lacks the bold character needed to rank among the truly great and distinctive single malt whiskies.