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Chieftains Mortlach 18 PX

Chieftain's Morlach 18 Single Barrel FX Finish
Meeting Number 165
Date Tasted 2016-05-04
Region Speyside
Distillery Mortlach
Where Open Map
Product Chieftain's Mortlach 18 Single Barrel FX Finish 
Alcohol 46% ABV
Aggregate Score 88
It has a thick dark honey, thick maple syrup, Persian tea, hammered or Ricardo Montalban bronze. 
Fumes, mellow tones of caramel, toffee, and butterscotch.
Oil, cream and butter dominate at first and open the door to sweet citrus, pepper, and molasis.
A medium-long finish dominated with sweet creamy flavors, butter, and oak, nuts, toffe, and some salt.
A beautifully crafted sweet, smooth dram with a good level of complexity.  Can be improved with a tiny bit of added water.