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Balvenie 30

Balvenie 30
Meeting Number 200
Date Tasted 2019-12-09
Region Speyside
Distillery Balvenie
Where Open Map
Product Balvenie 30 
Alcohol 47.3% ABV
Aggregate Score 97
A beautifully rich deep copper color like maple syrup, autumn rust, burnt orange or the deep tan of a soft supple aristocratic saddle.
The smooth sweet nose is reminiscent of Lunne's grandparents' medicine chest, caramel, toffee, cream, buttery vanilla, banana, brown sugar, cereal and salt-water taffy.
The majestic flavor is perfectly rounded and complex containing hints of maple syrup, nuts, burnt orange peel, butter, cream, brown sugar, milk chocolate, and natural organic honey.
It's a long soft finish that starts our strong and lingers in the gentlest and softest of manners.
Quite possibly the best thing that Leonard ever put in his mouth!!