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Edradour 12 2007 Sherry

Edradour 12 2007 Sherry Cask

Meeting Number 204
Date Tasted 2020-04-13
Region Highland
Distillery Edradour
Where Open Map
Product Edradour 12 2007 Sherry Cask
Alcohol 57.4% ABV
Aggregate Score 91
Nicely steeped orange pekoe tea, strong Persian tea in sunset, prehistoric amber, amber ale, Peruvian walnut, Manuka honey, brown sugar syrup reduction, burnished maple.
Fragrant and complex, musky orange, cream, caramel, sherry, freshly baked bread, fruity prunes, coconut, malt, clove, lady saddle, oak, sweet, dried fruit, zinfandel.
sherry, orange, citrus, caramel, leather, dark chocolate, burnt cherries, lavender, tobacco, cocoa, good raisin dried fruit, flower blossoms, licorice, pine needles, peppermint.
long and tasty, cream, orange, caramel, cherry pipe tobacco, complex, spicy, cocoa, prunes, oil, pepper, butter, citrus, dried fruit.
Delicious, smooth potent candy, Gunne doesn't get complexity, chick scotch, distinct Edradour fingerprint, prunes with soap, it evolves as you taste it, very unique.