Ardbeg An Oa

Ardbeg An Oa


A very light honey color like the brass on a brand new trumpet, lightly steeped tea, or Paul's hair in 1979.


Sweet, aromatic, cream, leather, oak, citrus, vanilla, paint thinner and faint smoke. Not the peaty smoky blast one gets from Ardbeg 10.


A nice tender foundation of peat and smoke overlaid with robust lemon, lime, orange, oil, butter, nuts, honey, and salt.


A long, nicely choreographed finish with lemon, lime, oil, cream, honey, pepper and salt.


In memory of and dedicated to Leonard Neihold who passed this very week. He was a wonderful person, musician, great teacher, and loving father and husband. We have been graced by your presence and salute you with Balvenie 30.