Highland Park 18 by Battle Hill

Highland Park 18 by Battle Hill


Straw or light amber that is like hibiscus tea, a light sauvignon blanc, chamomile tea, or the light sands of the Jersey shore.


At first, the nose tells you just how potent this whisky is. There are hints of lemon, grass, peppermint, caramel, and thyme within the wisps of potency. Additional notes of peat, oak, malt, vanilla, straw, orange peel (D-limonene), and cereal delight the taster as well.


Its rich flavor includes lemon, honey, grass, pollen, salt, dark cocoa, vanilla, cream, peppermint, oak, and toffee. It's flavor is reminiscent of mixed cocktail with bitters.


The long complex finish has notes of citrus, honey, peppermint, dark chocolate, ginger, and mellow yellow.


Opinion varies greatly. Some enjoy its potent complexity while others didn't. All seemed to agree that there's more complexity than expected. Moreover, over time additional flavors emerged that were initially not noticeable.