Laphroaig 25

Laphroaig 25


Golden orange or amber like washed out cinnabar, mahogany, 18 carat gold, or french bread crust.


As expected, peat and smoke hit the nose right away, but it's much more subdued than other Laphroaig malts. The nose is sweet and complex like sherry, dried apricot, apple, citrus, vanilla, honey and soap.


The bold complex flavor begins with peat and smoke before a number of complex flavors such as sherry, vanilla, salt, fruit, cinnamon, coffee, cream, honey, dust, pepper and maple syrup come into play.


Long and lingering with a medley of flavors including rich salt, pepper, oil, honey, cinnamon, sweet cream and coffee.


A beautifully balanced dram with exceptional complexity and deep flavor. It's angular dude..