Gordon MacPhail Caol Ila 11 Cask

Gordon MacPhail Caol Ila 11 Cask Strength


A delicate pale golden color like straw, honey, lemons, or brilliant gold.


A strong nose unfolds into a spectrum of delicious aromas from sweet to smoke, peat, and salt. There’s also a distinct expression of sherry.


This complex malt breaks out into a variety of alternating flavors ranging from smoke and salt to sweet chewy caramel and including leather, sweet syrup, sherry, fruit, peat, pepper and oil. This malt breaks out with additional sweet overtones when adding just a tad bit of water.


A very very long and chewy finish that lingers on delightfully with salt, pepper, honey, orange, banana, chocolate, and smoke.


A wonderfully delicious broad spectrum single-malt scotch that can holds its own with some of the more renown whiskies. It should be had slowly with your friends and family that can appreciate such a bold, complex dram.