Balvenie 12 Single Cask First Fill

Balvenie 12 Single Barrel First Fill


Pale yellow with hints of orange. It's reminiscent of lemon chiffon pie, pale Norwegian tea, or hay steeped in hot water.


This malt's nose is remarkably weak, aside from the astringent fumes, even to the point of being non-existent for those with a weakened or damaged beak. With careful observation, the delicate aroma of Sauvignon Blanc wine, vanilla, citrus and flowers can be discerned.


The flavor starts off somewhat thin, astringent and effervescent. Over time, it builds enough confidence to reveal its true nature, which includes caramel, toffee, coffee, vanilla, cream, and salt.


The finish is lingering and delightful, although a distinct minority of the panel didn't concur on this point thinking the finish was short and non-existent. The finish includes vanilla, cream, toffee, and sea salt.


First impressions are not always best in this case. You need to continue enjoying this treasure and, over time, the connoisseur notices rich flavors emerge from the cracks in the barrel. It's a very tasty dram that improves with each sip. Hence, it's perfect for a long night of sipping and conversation.