Lagavulin 12 200th Anniversary

Lagavulin 12 200th Anniversary


Very light pale yellow with a hint of green like a pale chardonnay, straw, processed honey, or diluted tea


Peat, smoke, seaweed, nutty, caramel, citrus, vanilla, and cereal.


Caramel, seaweed, vanilla, cream, peat, creosote, honey, and salt.


Very long brash and bold finish that is initially dominated by peat, smoke, pepper, and strong citrus. As the finish progresses, it mellows out into vanilla, caramel, honey and salt.


Lagavulin 12 is the impetuous athletic younger sibling of the Lagavulin family. Its brash bold flavor is a treat for Islay loving connoisseurs but perhaps a bit too much for lovers of the smooth single malt.