Balvenie 30

Balvenie 30


A deep rich copper color that can be described as Achilles' Heel Bronze, dark honey, burnt orange oloroso, rich mahogany, Loch Ness water or maple syrup.


This dram hits you with a very rich nose that includes caramel, honey, vanilla, chocolate, maple syrup, tangerine peels, toffee, nuts, oak, rum and overripe banana.


The flavor is both both sublime and bold. It starts with a succulent blend of herbs, oil, cream, salt, glühwein spice, oak, prunes, cereal, honey, orange peels, and burnt offerings.


The finish is long, round, and full with a rich set of dynamically balanced flavors including oak, nuts, salt, toffee, orange peel, charcoal, cream, vanilla, toffee, maple syrup and treacle.


Sublime, complex, superb. A beautifully bold and balanced dram.