Caol Ila 30

Caol Ila 30


High clarity, iridescent tea filtered through limestone, Christmas tree lights, brilliant mahogany, hibiscus mango iced tea.


A variety of expressions including vanilla, honey, butter, coffee, orange, cereal, leather, peat, salt, leather, wood, caramel and cherry blossom and nuts.


A rich chorus of dark chocolate, cream, butter, citrus, salt, pepper, caramel, nuts, coffee, honey, toffee, oak, baking pies, pine needles, sweet.


A long, extended chorus-line finish. At full volume there were hints of caramel, orange, nuts, coffee, salt, pepper, butter, oak, soft leather, marshmallows, mint (menthol). In short, very elegant.


Deliciously complex, walls of taste. An awesome potent dram that would have been worthy of Leonard.