Talisker Dark Storm

Talisker Dark Storm


Dark Storm is a deeply colored whisky with a deep iridescent orangey glow that shimmers of amber, dark oak, mahogany, maple syrup. It’s pocket penny copper.


This dram’s sweet aromatic nose draws you further in with a wonderful bouquet including fruit, smoke, vanilla, cream, salt, peat, and other unmentionable spices such as rope and sausage.


The flavor is full and robust containing, pepper, oil, nuts, vanilla, honey, and other spices wrapped in a sweet and salty zest.


This Storm’s long and blustery finish starts out with a bitter blast of salt, oil, and seaweed and mellows out rather nicely to include sherry, nuts, and a delicious sweetness.


The Storm is dark but the flavor bountiful. It’s an unflawed dram the truly expresses the seafaring theme associated with the Talisker name.