Paul John Brilliance

Paul John Brilliance


Brilliance has a warm medium color like that of amber and honey with a rich inner glow reminiscent of copper, maple syrup with a sepia tone.


At first, one is pelted with a sweet sherry and vanilla aroma that become a bit more complex with hints of grass, flowers and caramel.


The primary flavor resonates with sweet sherry, vanilla, and some caramel. The secondary flavors are somewhat more difficult to pin down and include flowers, grass, salt, butter, oil chocolate, tobacco and citrus.


Opinions of the finish varied from very short to long with an average just short of medium. Members agreed that the finish is bitter/tangy, oily, with some peppery sharpness, while others noticed hints of salt, smoke, and citrus.


In short, Paul John Brilliance was a smooth and pleasant dram that has nothing wrong with it. It’s biggest weakness is that there’s really nothing memorable about it either.