Balvenie Peated Cask

Balvenie Peated Cask


A light, clean yellow bordering on tea, amber and pyritic gold with an almost iridescent glow.


This malt’s first impressions are those of moderate alcohol fumes mixed with caramel and a floral aroma. After time, a mild peat sans smoke introduces itself but still maintains its distance.


The hidden peat finally reveals itself upon tasting this delicate malt. Just as striking as the peat are a mixture of sweet and salt. Overall, the flavor is relatively thin and simple.


This malt ends with a moderate expression of salt and pepper with some undertones of peat, caramel, and butter. It’s not an impressive finish by most measures.


Balvenie’s Peated Cask is a smooth, drinkable and balanced product, but unfortunately, it’s lacks character and distinction. It appears to be a thin shadow of its bigger brother, the 17-year old.