Glengoyne 16, The Sovereign Cask

Glengoyne 16, The Sovereign Cask


Very pale straw and/or honey. Its color is like that of the inside of a grapefruit peel. Its appearance is that of white wine.


Sweet floral citrus, grass and/or hay dominate the pungent nose of this cask-strength single malt. Deeper down, it unfolds with subtle expressions of honey, salt, cereal, dark chocolate, butter, and wood.


Although strong and pungent, this single malt is sweet and has a very strong expression of citrus. One can also taste hints of pepper, oil, honey, vanilla, hay, and salt.


Medium long to long, the Sovereign Cask provides a reasonably complex finish that includes citrus, salt, pepper, and honey. It definitely has a hot finish.


The Glengoyne Sovereign Cask is both interesting and forgettable in one fell swoop. It's a smooth pleasant dram and packs a punch, but in the end, one doesn't ask oneself "where can I buy more of this?"