Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder

A blend of single malts from The Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Kininvie.


Yellow amber; Golden amber; Burnt honey; Straw; Simply honey; Orangis honey; American reddish paduk.


Faint butter scotch; Hint of vanilla & spice; Hint of chocolate and malt; Floral/light oak; Citrus with light grass/hay; Light oak and floral; Slightly peaty; Lightly spirity and nutty.


Slightly sweet with hints of vanilla; Spice/coffee/taffee combo; Oily, citrus and spicy; Combination of nut, spice & malt; Salty and nutty; Light leather, nut and malt; Licorice gum rubber and peppery; Bitter and complex.


Medium long – starts with cream then spirit & harsh; Fairly quick with a hint of maple but elusive; Bitter & medium length; Medium length and burning in a right way; Medium long, bitter pale and grassy; Moderately pleasant fruit with desert rain; Uneventful & little bitter.


Smooth and a pleasant dram; Uneventful but drinkable vatted dram; Fine, but not a great malt; I’d take this monkey out any time; Elusive but sweet but not memorable; Not exceptional but drinkable; Polite and a fruity dram; I like it but not among the exceptional short list.