Bruichladdich Octomore



Light amber; Two shades lighter bronze; Light-tanned leather; Light-non-typical scotch color; Light yellow; Diluted tea; Pale yellow straw; Light straw.


Caramel & taffe; Floral, caramel & smoke; Peat, smoke & grass; Rotting grape fruit plus wet wool blanket; Peat, smokey with mineral bite; Smoky peat and caramel; Peaty & spirit; Seaweed, tar and creosote.


Nutty, peppery and pungent; Robust, pepper and tangy; An expression of salty peat and alkalai earth; Extreme pepper-salt-leather-citrus combo; Wood & peat combo and earthy; Peat, smoke, salt and stings the tongue; Peaty, smoke, pungent and hint of sweet; Bitter, pepper, spice and vanilla.


Quit long and lingering with taste of caramel, Lingering tart and sour; Moderately salty, pepper and spice; Really raw and burning – long; Long- but pleasing pungent; Long peat & tingly pepper; Long & slightly oaky; Liquorish, peat and long.


A rough spirit drink and long lasting; Robust, but not a favorite, got better and better; A pleasantly powerful hot dram; Very burning and burns the mouth – I like it; Perfect outdoor scotch – great for camping; A really good, unique-hot-raw-young dram; Sophisticated than a regular 5 yo scotch; Interesting marketing experiment – but prefer the more classic malts; Great for 5yo – but over-priced, but very nice.