Highland Park Dark Origins

Highland Park Dark Origins


Dark Origins has a distinct mahogany color or the dark amber, in which one would expect to find a preserved insect from the Jurassic era.


The nose bursts forth with delicate smoke, wood, peat, butter, fruit and other sweets like sherry and caramel.


The flavor hits you with a sharp, pungent slap that eventually unfolds into smoke, citrus, oil, cream, with other interesting overtones such as pepper, sherry, and rubber.


This dram’s medium to long finish is complex enough to continue the enjoyment after the last sip with lots of salt, butter, cream, pepper and a hint of sweet orange.


Dark Origins is complex and shows its dark side with its sharp angularity, rough juvenile nature, and somewhat dubious flavor integration. It’s a good but not great dram and should be tasted by all.